Airbus ‘s A380 is the largest aircraft of its cadre with passenger’s capacity more than 600 in some configurations. Airbus launched A380 in 2005, to challenge Boeing’s monopoly in large aircraft market.
Since its first commercial flight in 2007 by Singapore Airlines, Airbus has secured only 350 orders from different airlines out of which 210 has been delivered till date which tells the story of Super-Jumbo, being failed to meet manufacturer’s sales expectations.


With the A380, the sky is yours. A380 is invented for air transport world in the 21st century. It is recognized with its unique size infrastructure which allows airline companies to maximize their revenue potential via an optimized, segmented cabin structured.

Airbus A380 having the quietest and luxurious cabin for its valued customers and it has more than others seat capacity with 18-inch comfortable unit at 11-abreast in economy with up to three private rooms suites. These points result in higher market shares, higher load factors and higher revenues generations.
These things differentiate it with others and allowing airlines to increase their contribution to profit by up to 75% per flight which is remarkable for business revenue.

Currently 92 in fleet, Emirates Airline is the largest purchaser of A380 with 50 to be delivered in near future. Emirates had wished to add 200 more planes in their fleet of A380, but as per airline’s officials the chances to proceed with such order are very thin now.
Recently Singapore Airline has decided not to re-new their lease of A380 as its going to expire in Oct 2017.
There are various opinions from aviation experts behind the story of A380’s sales, like airport requirements of infrastructure updates, uncertain value of second hand aircraft, passenger to weight ratio, luggage carrying capacities, long haul flights vs profit margins and so on.
Airbus has targeted to sale 1250 planes by 2025. So company is looking for new buyers from different regions specially China & Japan also they are focusing to impress European airlines as potential buyers.




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